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Growing up in The Netherlands, surrounded by the lakes and the seas, Guy Fleury’s passion for the water, sailing and yachts developed from a young age. This is the reason why Guy chose to study Naval Architecture in Leeuwarden. The study in combination with sailing is a good inspiration for the photos that he takes. Guy graduated from the study Naval Architecture in July 2021. He will now focus on photographing, designing and engineering.

Guy is an all-round photographer, he is specialised in exterior-, interior-, lifestyle- and building process photos. It is not only photography that plays an important role in his work, but also the making of company films, instruction films and time-lapses.

Photo assignments s.a. ICON Yachts, Feadship, Waterman Marine Consultancy, Vitters Shipyard, De Boarnstream International Motoryachts, KM Yachtbuilders, Port of Amsterdam, Holterman Shipyard, Van der Vliet, Hoek Design and various other companies.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words! Destin Sparks

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