About me


It all began with windmills when I was five years old, Dutch lifeboats when I was seven years old. But then I saw my first superyacht in 2010 when I was sailing with my parents to Vlieland. Far away we could spot two gigantic masts. Later this turned out to be S/Y Twizzle who was having seatrials. This was when my superyacht fascination started.

Until 2015 I photographed with my phone and an Ipad. Big issue with an Ipad and a phone is the small sensor which results in low-resolution photos. So in September I bought my first camera: the Pentax K500. From then on I had my camera always with me.

My passion for Superyachts and my passion for sailing is why I choose to study Naval Architecture. My study in combination with sailing is a good inspiration for the photos that I take.

I’m an all-around photographer: I do interiors, exteriors, lifestyle shoots but also building process photos in yards. Currently, I have a camera with several lenses (fish-eye to telezoom) and a stabilizer for the videos.

If you love yachts just like I do, have a look at my website with all my recent photos. If you are interested in purchasing high-resolution photos or maybe you need some photos of a yacht, send me an e-mail and let me know.

Currently, I am the photographer of ICON Yachts in Harlingen and I am working freelance for several other yards and companies.

Best regards,

Guy Fleury

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